Are you looking for prices on what it would cost to repair your device? It often varies due to circumstances and the type of damage you have so sometimes it’s best just to call us and let us know what’s going on.



Do you have a broken or cracked cell screen? Have you dropped your tablet on the ground and smashed the glass screen? Look no further for your device repair than Cell Repair of Lexington

Right now, there is a good chance you are on your cell phone, looking for a solution to fix your cell phone. Think about how crazy that is for a second, and now back to the task. You are obviously looking for someone who knows what they are doing to take care of your cell phone that has been damaged. Well, you are in luck, because you just found the mother ship of nerds. Cell Repair of Lexington is your stop for cell phone repairs. We know the ins and outs of your phone and anything that has to do with its repairs. You carry your phone around with you just about all day. On your phone, you have all your messages, apps, pictures, and countless other important things. In the modern world, your cell phone has become an integrated part of your life and as such it is important that is always fully functional. The last thing you want to have to deal with in your day-to-day life is your phone breaking or dying on you, but accidents happen. No need to worry though, because that is where Cell Repair of Lexington comes in to save the day. Our team is full of geeks and nerds, and who else would you want working on your phone other than geeks and nerds?

We are your one stop cell phone repair shop here in Lexington, Kentucky. Is there something wrong with your phone or your the screen on your phone? Well, we have some good news for you, because we can probably fix it! We take care of tablet repair, Android, Samsung, HTC, Windows phones and iPhones as well! We can even fix your iPad too. There is no way to avoid having accidents with these devices, especially your phone. Your phone is something that most people carry around with them pretty much all day and are also constantly pulling it out of their pockets, using it then putting it back in. This all makes for a lot of activity around what is a relatively fragile device. What that means is that eventually something will happen to your phone, and when that time comes you know exactly where to turn. Right here, at Cell Repair of Lexington, we know exactly what your phone needs. Bring your phone in and we will have one of our experts look it over and figure out what is ailing your phone and what is necessary to bring it back to life and let you get back to your life and using your phone the way it was designed to and the way you have grown accustomed to. Your cell phone should not be something that is an eyesore, an annoyance or something that simply does not work properly. When you pull your phone out, you want to have a clear screen and you want it do whatever it is you want to do with it.

When you pull your cell phone out of your pocket, you do not want to have deal with a nasty cracked screen. Think about how long you look at your phone screen. Do you really want to be dealing with a giant, nasty crack every time you have to use your phone? The answer is probably not. As such, you can go ahead and try to repair it on your own, but if you do not really know what you are doing you risk damaging the phone further, and then you are only making the problem bigger for yourself. You do not want to have to replace the entire phone, since modern phones are pretty expensive, not to mention you become used to your phone, it ends up being like a familiar friend to you, so you should not have to part with it for something as silly as an accidental drop that damages the screen. Even if you are accident prone, and have broken the screen of your phone, there is no need to fear, because there is a solution. You can drop by and drop your cell phone off with us and we will have one of our pro’s take a look at it and let you know what needs to be done to fix it. If you want to go on, our team will take care of it and get you your phone back with a brand new screen and it will feel like you have a brand new phone already, for a fraction of the cost of a new phone. Why go through the financial hassle of going out getting a new phone when you can just bring yours backs to life? A small accident, or something as little as a cracked screen should not be a reason to go and spend a bunch of money on a new phone, and in fact, it is not.

If you come into Cell Repair of Lexington, we will take a look at your phone, and whether it is an Android device or iOS we can fix that screen problem for you. We want to be your first choice whenever anything happens to your phones screen, which is why we treat our customers so well. We believe in customer service, and that means that you get the best service from us every time. We do not think that having a cracked screen repaired should be a problem for you or something that takes a long time to solve. We know you are busy and want to get back to your busy life, or maybe just playing the games on your phone. Either way, your phone screen should not be a downside to using your phone. After all, your smartphone is mostly screen as far as the user is concerned. As such, it is the thing that we look at most on the phone, and when it is cracked it can be unsightly at best, or problematic and obstructing at worst. Using your phone should be a joy, like when you first got it. So, if you have been looking at your phone screen and hating it every time because it is all shattered, or maybe you are just looking at your screen and your eye simply can not look away from that one crack in the corner and it is beginning to seriously bug you, then go ahead and stop by Cell Repair of Lexington.

Everyone on our team is a cell phone expert. We are all geeks and nerds that absolutely love anything to do with technology, and more specifically, cell phones. We love phones of all shapes and sizes, whether you are rocking an iPhone, or an Android or a Windows Phone, we have love for them all. Bring in your phone no matter what brand it is and we will take a look at it and see what we can do! We want all of our customers to leave happy and satisfied, like they just bought a new phone again, but with the same familiarity of your phone before. In today’s busy world, you want your phone to be able to keep up with you and if the screen is damaged you run the risk of falling behind on everything you do on your phone. Take a second to think about all the different tasks you accomplish on your phone. Many people have their calendars synched up to help them go through their days, as well as text messages, emails, any random apps that you have become very used to having, and of course it just making phone calls. All of these things are things you expect your phone to be able to do, and you do not want something as silly as a cracked screen that is obstructing your view of all this to slow you down.

You want to be able to enjoy your phone the way it was meant to be enjoyed, with a clear screen that you can actually read things on. What that means is that if you have dropped your phone and cracked the screen, whether it is a spider web across the whole thing, or just a simple crack, you are no longer getting the full experience from your phone, and why would you ever want to limit yourself? So if your phone is not up to par, then maybe you should consider swinging by here at Cell Repair of Lexington and having a chat with one of our team members. Feel free to ask any questions you may about your phone or the screen and what it will take to repair it, because our team is always happy to help. We believe that the best customer is a happy customer, and that means we will go the extra mile to make sure everything is done right so you can leave feeling good about your choice and feeling good about having your phone back to its absolute best. So if your phone screen has a crack on it, or has been acting up lately, do not hesitate to swing down and have us take a look at it today!